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DJ/ Producer extraordinaire.  A love of all things music, from original tracks to remixes and mashups theres nothing that the Tang man wont try in the musical world.

With one foot in the dance music camp, don't expect the norm.  He enjoys throwing and mixing up a range of styles, sounds and genres from all decades to create something just a wee bit different.  Influences come from right across the musical board, from classical to heavy metal with any and everything in between.

So expect the unexpected and to mysteriously and uncontrollably find your foot tapping or head bobbing, for that is his mission.


NEW: Here Come The Membrane

Ricky Tang MASHUP: Mike Posner vs Major Lazer

Ricky Tang MASHUP: Blood Hound vs Survivor

Ricky Tang MASHUP: Eminem vs Daft Punk

Ricky Tang MASHUP: JX vs GaGa

Ricky Tang REMIX: Greatest American Hero Theme tune

Ricky Tang REMIX: Really Good Beat

Ricky Tang: Shadey

Ricky Tang REMIX: My neck my back

Ricky Tang REMIX: Criticize

Ini Komoze vs Cypress Hill MASHUP by Ricky Tang